Joanna Blair - Melbourne makeup artist

Asian Makeup

I love doing Asian makeup and am heavily booked by Asian brides.

Features of my makeup design include:

  • I use false lashes extensively (utilizing many different styles and lengths) to beautifully enlarge and enhance eye shape
  • Contouring and highlighting – giving structure to your features such as:
    • Raise the bridge of your nose
    • Sculpted cheek bones
    • Paler skin tone if desired
  • Actual makeup design – I will work with you to achieve what you have in your mind’s eye to give you your best version of you on your wedding day.
  • Products: I use various brands which are extremely high in pigment and will hold easily; you will look as stunning at midnight as you did at your tea ceremony early in the morning.
  • I am available for early morning arrivals.
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