Camouflage Makeup - Paramedical Professional Makeup by Joanna Blair

Joanna Blair - Melbourne makeup artist


Experience Camouflage makeup that completely covers many skin conditions, EASILY, QUICKLY and is water resistant

Have you tried to find a solution to:

  • Cover redness, scarring or acne
  • Hide a tattoo or birthmark
  • Disguise vitiligo (lack of pigment)
  • Conceal dark spots or areas of high pigmentation
  • Cover varicose veins or broken capillaries
  • Or any other skin condition (eg: burns) anywhere on your body

Have you been disappointed with makeup that doesn’t work, or treatments that are expensive, painful and take up to several years to give you a satisfactory outcome?

Are you still left feeling self-conscious and perhaps restricted with what you can wear?

I specialize in camouflage makeup – I will assess your condition, skin type, skin color and will determine a makeup solution that is individually tailor made for you that will:

  • Disguise the problem and render it virtually invisible to anyone looking at you
  • Match in beautifully with your surrounding skin
  • Is very easy for you to apply any time you wish
  • Restores your self-confidence and allows you to live life the way you want to, no more feeling self-conscious

I am completely mobile and will come to you at your convenience. Once I’ve determined the best camouflage makeup system to meet your needs and beautifully color matched your skin, I’ll teach you how to apply it (it’s super easy and quick to do for yourself). I can supply you with all products that you need, there is no need to run around to find special products, and you can order at any time – everything will be express posted to your front door.

With regards to the actual products I use – there are several camouflage makeup options that I call on to best assist my clients individually. Each system has the uniqueness of being extremely high in pigment (so a heavy coverage is not necessary); they also have characteristics similar to a ‘second skin’ when applied and the ability for me to mix a makeup product to match your skin easily. They are safe on sensitive skin, so you can be assured that there is a camouflage makeup system perfectly suited to you.

Don’t put up with feeling embarrassed or self-conscious – restore your self-confidence, feel the freedom of not having to worry about people noticing and be able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want when you’re using a camouflage makeup system that is individually customised for you.

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