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My Hair and Makeup Students at Spring Fashion Week 2015

So excited to have the opportunity for 5 of my past and present hair and makeup students to be involved in Spring Fashion Week 2015.   One of my graduates, Melisssa Maier (who has done remarkably well since graduating – her achievements include assisting celebrity of makeup artist Justin Henry; being flown to Perth to do the makeup for GHD,…read more →


If you’re anything like me, I have non-existent lashes (sadly!) and am always on the lookout for a great mascara to lengthen and thicken my eyelashes. Over the years as a makeup artist, I’ve tried many brands and have found that expensive doesn’t necessarily translate into a great finished effect (sometimes the complete opposite!). Maybelline Great Lash has been a…read more →

Turn your makeup skills into a lucrative business

BUSINESS SEMINAR – Have you got makeup skills but don’t know how to get your business off the ground? This seminar is for you! * Gain invaluable insight into marketing strategies and advertising that actually works * Learn information that would take years of experience for you to learn yourself * I will show you how to start and execute…read more →


I always start with eyes first when I’m doing a makeup – any fall out under the eyes can usually be quickly cleaned up with a baby wipe.   However when you’re using a particularly dark, or intensely pigmented eyeshadow, sometimes it can almost stain the skin and be really hard to remove, even with a baby wipe. SOLUTION: use…read more →


One of the main influences for me to pursue a career in makeup was my love of painting and drawing. Ever since my early childhood I have dreamed of being a successful artist. like so many others before me, I was told that I should get a ‘qualification’ so that I have something to fall back on; which is not…read more →

Brow trends for 2015

It seems the more natural look to brows is returning.  The ‘Instagram Brow’ is on its way out whereby brows have been heavily defined and sharp, particularly on the tail of the brow (as seen below):              From the runways of the Spring / Summer collections for 2015 I’m seeing a much more natural looking…read more →

Hair and Makeup Course – student update

So happy when I see my graduates doing so well after training through my school. I am regularly contacted by photographers, producers, film directors and designers requesting my graduates work on their projects. Last weekend my graduate Athea Pardo, worked with in-demand photographer – Franklin Marian and his team, doing a bridal shoot in some of the most beautiful locations…read more →


As a freelance makeup artist I understand what it is to have perfect makeup all day – it’s actually very easy to keep your face fresh looking and at your best all day (or all evening!). By carrying just a few essentials you can ensure your visage stays perfect! Here are my ‘must have’ products:   LIPSTICK / LIPGLOSS:  I…read more →

Feedback from my Express Makeup Course

It’s been a busy few weeks, last week I completed teaching my Advanced Makeup Course which followed on from the Beginners Makeup Course the week before. I love this format of running the course, I am always amazed at how quickly my students pick up their skills and their confidence by the end of the two weeks with me. I…read more →

Makeup Courses – Update on my graduates

  Very proud of my graduate Melissa Maier! Melissa had never picked up a makeup brush before when she enrolled into my Beginners Makeup Course last year and followed straight after by doing my Advanced Makeup Course. Look where she is now!! This week she is on a photo shoot where she will be working on the luxurious boat pictured above….read more →