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DRAPING – the new trend in makeup

Draping’ – the new trend in makeup! What is ‘draping’!!? In a nutshell it’s the colourful cousin to contouring. Using blush to lift the high points of the face, specifically browbones and cheeks, but also incorporating the crease line of the eye into these areas by flowing the blush seamlessly right through. As always you can go quite bold (as…read more →

Flower Infused Lipsticks!

Flower Infused Lipsticks! Being a lover of beautiful things my attention got caught by this gorgeous lip product (made by a company called Kailijumeri)- they’re tiny flowers set in clear lipstick surrounded by gold flakes. When applied they give a soft pink tone to lips that deepens with your body temperature (apparently!). A bit gimmicky, but I just love the…read more →


Have you ever dropped your favourite eyeshadow, blush or powder compact, it has smashed and is now almost un-useable? Worse still if it’s a product that has been discontinued and can’t be replaced. Not to worry! Any product in a pressed powder form (eyeshadow, blush or powder) can be rescued. It’s actually quite easy to fix this (thank God!!). Here’s…read more →

My origins as a makeup artist – where it all began

Haha – little bit of ‘TBT’ – 16 years to be exact! Me with the amazing Mr Peter Frampton (who origianlly trained me!) – I’m holding the Oscar he won for best makeup for Mel Gibson’s Film – Braveheart (great film!!) and Peter is holding the Bafta (British equivalent of the Oscar) he won for Greystoke – The Legend ofTarzan….read more →

FOUNDATION PRIMER – what are primers for and are they necessary?

I get asked this a lot – what are primers for and are they necessary? What products are best for my skin type? When should I use it? Primer is a product used to prepare skin prior to the application of foundation; it usually has a silicone base which fills in pores, fine lines and creates a smooth base for…read more →

Behind the scenes – photo shoot

As always good planning makes for a seamless shoot. Victoria (hairstylist and tutor) and I had planned everything down to the last detail, from what order we were working on each of our models, what styles, gowns, hair accessories and overall look we wanted to accomplish, so that on the day everything runs like clock work – which it duly…read more →

Getting ready for photo shoot tomorrow

I’m in for a busy day tomorrow – I’m doing a photo shoot with a team of people that I really enjoy working with. We are shooting at my school studio for portfolio. Earlier today I popped into the studio of Angela Marccucio Couture to pick up 8 gowns we will be using. Angela makes the most exquisite gowns. She…read more →

Two Day Hairstyling Course Melbourne – Advanced Bridal and Special Occasion Techniques

GIVE YOUR HAIRSTYLING SKILLS A BOOST! We are heading into the busy bridal season – update your skills and take them to the next level. LEARN: * Advanced bridal techniques that will put you ahead of your      competition * Ability to look at a picture that any client presents you – knowing exactly what techniques are involved and how…read more →

Makeup Courses Graduate does makeup for The Today Show

So proud of my graduate Kani Tezaris; here she is on set this morning with The Today Show hosts – Karl, Lisa and Richard Wilkins (Kani did the makeup for Richard and Karl). Kani came down from Darwin earlier this year to study with me and push her skills to the next level. Based in Darwin, she has a very…read more →

Makeup removers and cleansers I use!

I am often asked what makeup cleansers I use, so here it is! I have a different routine for daily cleansing of my own face compared to when I’m working professionally and need to remove makeup from a client or model.   On my professional jobs its essential to remove any makeup quickly and completely that a client may have…read more →