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Peter Coulson – Fashion Photographer of the Year x 4 – his comment on my school

  Peter Coulson is one of Australia’s Top photographers, he has worked with many of this country’s great makeup artists and really knows the difference between what constitutes truly beautiful makeup and what doesn’t. Peter is a photographer with an innate ability to create magic with his camera, coupled with his techniques and skills with lighting, angles, ability to work…read more →

It’s not just about the face when making up a client

When I’m working on a client, it’s not just her face I’m concerned with – I really need to know what depth her neckline is and make sure all the exposed neck and chest skin matches her face! Look closely here and you’ll see Celine Dion has a distinct line on her neck where the makeup has stopped where the…read more →

Why lipstick looks different on you compared to others

Ever wonder why a lipstick color that is described one way, when you apply it to yourself – can occasionally be not what you expected? This is because the way the colour behaves is determined predominantly by three things: 1) Your actual natural lip colour itself without any product on it (some girls have pale lips naturally, others have quite…read more →

Beautiful Locations you get to work in as an in demand Makeup Artist

As a Makeup Artist that is still freelancing full time in the industry, I get to work in some truly beautiful locations. Yesterday was no exception – I was booked to do the makeup for 8 girls at Tanglewood Estate. This is a gorgeous property situated in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. On site it has a beautiful chapel, reception…read more →

Legendary Makeup Artist – Kevyn Aucoin – Must see documentary on Netflix

A must see! Recently released on Netflix is a documentary on legendary makeup artist – Kevyn Aucoin. What I admire enormously is he was completely self taught – his love of Makeup started at an early age – making up his sisters and photographing his work with a Polaroid camera. He moved to New York and was applying makeup for free…read more →

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist – Chase Your Dream, Don’t Give Up!

Don’t let your dreams go un-tapped – new things are often scary, God knows with myself coming from a background of nursing originally and leaping into the makeup world with zero experience was truly terrifying to me at times, especially when I first started. I look at where I am now, simply because I had the courage to stretch my…read more →

Brown eyes – How to intensify and make the colour ‘pop’

Brown eyes – How to intensify the warmth and depth of the colour? Answer: Surprisingly it’s blue! – particularly navy blue. I find it gives the eye colour a deep, rich, and at times a ‘Golden-ness’ to brown eyes (Purple is also good too). Beautifully demonstrated here by one of the best in the business – @hungvanngo on the stunning…read more →

Blue Eyes – how to make blue eye colour ‘pop’

Blue eyes – how to intensify and ‘pop’ the colour?! Answer: anything warm toned, particularly gold, bronzey or orange toned colours. This is because orange/yellow is opposite to blue on the colour wheel – when colours are opposite to each other, this means: side by side they intensify each other; conversely one on top of the other neutralises the other!…read more →

HAIR EXTENSIONS – How to achieve a beautiful result

Have you ever put in a set of hair extensions and wondered why the clients hair doesn’t meld cohesively with extensions – even when they are colour matched perfectly and set the same way? It’s imperative to know how to set different hair types as well as understanding the difference between the clients hair and the extension hair – and…read more →

Successful Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

This is proof that realising your dream is possible!!    This is my graduate @laurenmcgill_mua_spraytan hair and makeup. Lauren trained with me last year and is Mum to a newborn as well as a toddler – she’s booked every weekend and has 12 weddings coming up!!! This is what happens when you commit to yourself and don’t give up. To…read more →