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Enhancing and enlarging eye shape

I was able to enlarge and open up the eyes on my model Kelly, using tone and placement where they need to be. One of the many things I teach is how to enhance and change eye shape. It makes a huge difference when you know how to individually ‘mark out’ the specifics of an eye makeup according to the…read more →

ILLUMINIZER – Things you should know!

Illuminizer – is sooo popular right now! This is a product that can look amazing – especially when you’ve just finished your makeup, but how does it look in one or more hours time? It can quickly tip the face into looking anything from a bit too shiny to super oily and even to looking years older depending on the…read more →

Channel 9’s Brodie Harper – long term client of my Hairstyling Educator

The beautiful @brodieharper (presenter on Channel 9’s popular program @9postcards) fresh after having her hair done by @victoria_mua_ Victoria (pictured here within Brodie, and who also teaches my Hairstyling Course) has been doing Brodie’s hair for 8 Years now. You don’t get to hold clients like this long term for no reason! Brodie’s opinion of Victoria: ‘You are the best…read more →

Updating your makeup – when it’s time for a new look

What a beautiful transformation of Pamela Anderson! The original babe from tv show ‘Bay Watch’, ex-wife to Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and all the wild times that go with the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle; looks stunning! She was always a beautiful looking woman, but when you continue a look you could carry really easily in your 20’s…read more →

Skin care in a jar – things you should know!

Skin care in a jar – whilst the look of them is often beautiful and the weight gives them a luxurious feel, every time you open the jar the ingredients are exposed to air and oxidise (particularly antioxidants, vitamin c and retinol) – rendering your anti-ageing product that you may have paid a small fortune for (in the case of…read more →

Another Successful Makeup Graduate kicking goals – her work made front cover!!

Because I teach my students what the fashion and editorial industry ACTUALLY wants – as a result my students are experiencing true success and recognition. My graduate Melissa Maier  @melissamaierstyles was personally sought out by well known Mornington Peninsula Bridal Magazine – ‘TOAST’ to do the hair and makeup for the front cover of their most recent edition. Toast Magazine…read more →

Think you’re ‘too old’ to become a makeup artist? Think again!

Ever worried about being ‘too old’ to become a makeup artist?? Ever assumed you have to be super glamorous, have a model thin figure and wear all the latest looks makeup wise, to work successfully as a makeup artist?? Guess what – no you don’t! Pictured here are some of the most successful makeup artists still currently working. I love…read more →

Becoming a Makeup Artist / Hairstylist – remember this:

When you’re starting out in your career as a makeup artist and / or hairstylist – with the huge prominence of social media in our daily lives, it is super easy to compare yourself to others and feel that you’re  not anywhere near as good, or successful as they are. At its worst it can really effect your self esteem and…read more →

Foundation – it’s not just for the face

When I’m working on a client, it’s not just her face I’m concerned with – I really need to know what depth her neckline is and make sure all the exposed neck and chest skin matches her face (especially if you decide to alter her natural skin tone as was done in this photo!) Look closely here and you’ll see…read more →

Graduate nominated for ‘Makeup Artist of the Year’ for 2019

Awesome achievement by my graduate Bridget Sophie – after training in both makeup and hairstyling at my school a mere 18 months ago, Bridget has just been nominated for ‘Makeup Artist of the Year’ for 2019 by the ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Awards). For those of you who may not be aware of the gravity of this achievement- this award…read more →