Joanna Blair - Melbourne makeup artist

Successful Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

This is proof that realising your dream is possible!!    This is my graduate @laurenmcgill_mua_spraytan hair and makeup. Lauren trained with me last year and is Mum to a newborn as well as a toddler – she’s booked every weekend and has 12 weddings coming up!!! This is what happens when you commit to yourself and don’t give up. To get to this level so quickly, even with pregnancy, the birth of her second child and already with a small toddler under the age of two – is a great achievement and really does prove when you’re truly serious about getting somewhere, and you’re prepared to do the practice and go after what you want – nothing is impossible; I truly admire this and love seeing my students take what they’ve learned and turn it into a successful business.

Very proud of you Lauren! Lauren is also fantastic at spray tanning!

My graduate - Lauren McGill - her client hair and makeup

My graduate – Lauren McGill – her client hair and makeup

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