Joanna Blair - Melbourne makeup artist


Makeup Courses – Update on my graduates

  Very proud of my graduate Melissa Maier! Melissa had never picked up a makeup brush before when she enrolled into my Beginners Makeup Course last year and followed straight after by doing my Advanced Makeup Course. Look where she is now!! This week she is on a photo shoot where she will be working on the luxurious boat pictured above….read more →

Hairstyling Courses – how to do braids utilised in many popular hairstyles

Braids used as part of this popular style on Jessica Alba above. This is one of the most requested hairstyles for brides and is part of the curriculum in my hairstyling courses. When you’re doing hairstyling, the ability to create any hairstyle you see on the red carpet comes down to being taught the fundamentals of technique (which includes correct…read more →

Invited by Assoc. Professor of Dermatology Dr Rosemary Nixon to speak at Dermatology Conference on Camouflage Makeup

  Very excited to be asked to present again at the Dermatology Conference being held in September here in Melbourne. I’ll be doing a 40 minute presentation on the specialised area of Camouflage Makeup. This is a really rewarding part of my business. It is amazing the power makeup has to not only transform someone on the outside, but the psychological…read more →

Celebrity Long Hairstyles my students have been learning in Beginners Long Hairstyling Course

How often do we see gorgeous pictures of models and celebrities with stunning glossy hair, falling in soft waves, looking simply beautiful, and have thought to ourselves “I would love to be able to create that look, but I don’t know how, or I can never seem to achieve the same glossy finish and hold”……….. My Director of Learning for…read more →

Invited by Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo to present on stage – August 24th 2014

  After my presentation up in Brisbane at the Pro Makeup and Beauty Show, I have been invited to present at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo!! Very excited to have this opportunity. This show is featuring a big line up of educators, artists and, of course, products – I’ll have to take an empty suitcase with me to…read more →


HOW TO COVER UNDER EYE DARK CIRCLES   These can be quite hard to cover – the secret is in a) the color that you use and b) the product that you use. If you have dark circles that are more a blue-ish purple color – you need to use a warm, peachy salmon tone (not too yellow because if…read more →

Learn how to achieve the ‘J.Lo Glow’ radiant skin

Jennifer Lopez is famous for this look – beautiful glowing skin (it was her makeup artist Scott Barnes who was responsible for this look), which in my opinion, is a winner! In my makeup courses we cover this topic as it is a highly requested look by brides, and when you can confidently execute this effect – you can create a beautiful look to…read more →


I get asked this question quite a bit by my makeup students and clients alike. The general rule of thumb is: if you’re ever not sure, always fall back on neutral tones (you can’t go wrong, they suit everyone). However if you’re wanting to jazz things up a bit and really intensify your eye color, here a few options: BLUE…read more →

Secrets of Beautiful Bridal Makeup Presentation

Wow what a weekend it was last weekend! I was invited to present up on stage at this year’s Salon Melbourne (which for anyone unfamiliar with what this actually is – it’s a huge industry only trade show of all things related to makeup,  hair and beauty) – and what a beauty it was! My topic was ‘The Secrets to…read more →

Update on my graduate students from my school of makeup

  Just a bit of an update (and I’ll admit – skite!) about what some of my students have been up to since completing their makeup courses and graduating from my School of Makeup: (examples of their work are pictured above) MELISSA MAIER – assistant to celebrity makeup artist, Justin Henry VANESSA HARLEM – makeup artist for award winning salon Zumay as…read more →