Joanna Blair - Melbourne makeup artist


Dressing the studio for student portfolio shoot

                                        Transforming the studio at my school with clouds of baby’s breath (this is a small glimpse) in readiness for the shoot my students are doing this Sunday for their portfolios – stunning bridal shoot, fully styled by @melissamaiermakeup and beautiful…read more →

Selfies – how to take a good one!!

It’s all about lighting and angles (and not over-pouting!!!) 1) Lighting – you need as much light directly onto your face as you can; don’t stand side onto the light or worse, underneath down lights (this will instantly make you look 10 years older as it emphasises under eye bags and God knows what else! – just take a look…read more →

What does celebrity skin look like compared to everyone else’s??

What does celebrity skin (that has often had the most expensive, not to mention, highly lauded, products lavished on it) look like? Answer – the same as everyone else’s!! I often get asked by clients to ‘get rid of my pores’ – the only way to completely erase them is digitally in photo shop. We are so used to looking…read more →

GRADUATE STUDENT – straight out of hair and makeup course on a photo shoot

My graduate student – Le Nguyen – completed both my Express Makeup Course (Module One and Module Two) and Hairstyling Course in February this year. Within a week of graduating she was already booked for her first photo shoot, shot at the beautiful Treasury Building in Melbourne’s CBD. This was a Hugo Boss inspired shoot. From there she has been…read more →

Stunning Makeup and Hair from the Met Gala Ball 2018

I love this look – Stella Maxwell dressed in Moschino at the Met Gala Ball last night in New York. The theme this year is ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination’ Stella nailed it! Beautiful makeup also – just a wash of blue eyeshadow peaking out from the inner corner of her eye, tying in perfectly with her dress…read more →

Beautiful Bride and her oh-so-adorable furry friend

It’s amazing how sometimes the best shots on a wedding day can be simply captured by one of your friends on their iPhone! I always love the candid shots, I think they convey the essence of the day much more than deliberately than posed photos. This is one of my beautiful brides I did makeup for just prior to Christmas…read more →

Not every client wants super reflective, shimmery highlighting

  Beautiful Katherine getting ready on her wedding day recently. Not every client wants shimmer and bright shiny reflective highlight. Using tones and subtle shading, I can still create dimension and healthy, glowy skin by using matte products, whereby it’s simply correct use of (and understanding of) tone that achieves a beautiful natural makeup result. Most of all, it is…read more →

How to achieve that ‘Glossy’ eye makeup look

  Beautiful summer look – using NARS blush in ‘Orgasm’ on the eye, followed by the lightest touch of lip gloss over it to get the shiny look. The only catch?! – lipgloss on the eye lasts about 5 seconds before smearing. If you’re doing this look for a shoot, wait until right before they’re about to take shots, run…read more →

How makeup should look:

  How makeup should look – in my opinion. Eyebrows that are complimenting the face and framing the eyes – not resembling those you see on a drag queen; no caking of skin with product; no patches of very light, heavily applied makeup inter played with very orange makeup; eyelashes that don’t reach into her eyebrows; no overdosing on highlighter…read more →

Most popular Hairstyle for weddings

Every year I get to work on many, many brides and their bridesmaids – as a result of that I also get to see first hand what the trends are in hairstyling. This one pictured here would easily be one of the most popular styles, and for good reason – it suits just about everyone, is timeless and classic (two…read more →